Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pan Roasted Baby Potatoes ~ Easy Recipe for anytime meal

I am a sucker for baby potatoes and like to cook them in myriad of ways. But this pan roasted method is the most simplest!! I got the idea from friend & food blogger Sangeeta Khanna's recipe, but tweaked it as per ingredients available at home at the time. 

There is actually not any measure for this, just use your instincts (as I did)! I took around 2 cups of baby potatoes and mildly boiled them (half boiled). Then roasted them in the pan, without peeling the baby potatoes (but sliced in half) with little bit of olive oil, dried basil, garlic pods (whole unpeeled), chilli powder, freshly milled pepper and salt. Just tossed them in the pan till they brown a bit. Pour them over a plate and dig in!!

Hope you will also like this easy recipe for pan roasted baby potatoes.

~ Bon Apetit ~