Saturday, 1 June 2013

Quick Fix Iced Tea ~ Make Iced Tea in 10 minutes flat!!

There is nothing like a tall glass of refreshing iced tea in the summers. Especially the crazy hot summers of my  city Delhi. It is one of my favorite drinks for summer and I make it quite often at home.

Now, there's nothing special in making of iced tea, except the time taken. Tired of the long time taken in preparing iced tea, the husband googled ways to make this faster and came up with an awesome method to prepare iced tea in 10 minutes flat!!

While I have tried many types of tea varieties & blends for making iced tea, my most favorite has to be Autumn Tea blend (with rose petals & lemon balm) by  Anandini Himayala Tea. It has a mild flavor with sweet smell of roses, which comes off beautifully when made into iced tea.

Here's how to prepare Quick Fix Iced Tea , in 10 minutes!!
  • Take any cup/ glass and measure it half with water, it doesnt matter which glass or cup you choose for iced tea, only make sure to have the water measure to half its size.
  • Heat the water in a pan and let it boil, add sugar/honey.
  • Meanwhile, fill the cup/glass chosen with ice to its brim.
  • When the water has boiled, take off flame and add tea and cover for 2-3 minutes
  • Uncover and pour into glass filled with ice, add lemon(optional) and garnish with mint( optional)
  • Enjoy the iced tea!!!!

Do try it out and let me know how it turned out :)

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