Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cooking with Philips Airfryer ~ Healthy way to eat comfort food!!

I have been from the blog for some time now....but that doesn't mean i have been missing from cooking and eating good food!! On the contrary, i have been having whale of a time cooking, trying out new recipes and eating out. It's just that I haven't written about it.
One of the exciting things I have been doing in the kitchen is cooking with Philips Airfryer. It's a wonderful device which air fries (i.e. fries with hot air) without the use of oil. I just did not believe it could work , until a saw a demo a year back. I loved the taste of french fries that was served in the demo and thought it's a damn good appliance to have. Fnally, when I got my Philips airfyer, I went completely crazy, trying a plethora of frozen foods - french friens, potato nuggets, burger patties , chicken nuggets,etc. 

I found the french fries made by the Philips airfryer to be totally yummy, without the oiliness. As am a french fries addict, I will totally recommend buying the airfryer just for the fries. However, its a great appliance to have for any kind of frying. Like my Mum airfried the shoklas and it took her half the time , not to mention the hassle free procedure.

Philips unique patented Rapid Air Technology lets you fry with air to make food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

I invited a lot of friends of mine and my Mum's come over last 2 months for Airfryer party, in which we made stuff only in the Philips airfryer and everyone loved the food made in it.
The Philips Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance worth all it's money and I totally am loving it :)


  1. Cannot believe this..Frying without oil!!! I want this!!! I want to eat gulit free food..plz tell me the place u bought this from?

  2. Saw the demo once, slightly on the expensive side but worth the good health effect it gives.